Main Street Cafe Honored as Hurricane Valley 2017 Small Business of the Year

Main Street Cafe
Small Business of the Year Award
Sponsored by Davis Farmers Market

When brothers Enrique and Miguel Tinoco were 15 and 17 years old respectively, their plan was to move to California, work two years, save money, and then return to their beloved Mexico. Once back in Mexico they could then get the good education they desired and follow their dreams. In their two working years, the brothers advanced from dishwashers and bus boys up to cooks in great restaurants. They believed their opportunities in the United States were far greater, so they stayed in California restaurants.

Enrique had advanced to managing an Italian restaurant in Long Beach by the time he was 20. The restaurant owner saw the talent in Enrique and sent him to visit and learn from other chefs in notable Italian restaurants. Eleven years cooking and learning from the best Italian chefs in California built Enrique’s confidence. His experience earned him a job offer he almost took as a chef at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. However, a Nevada friend convinced Enrique that a chef with his talent should open and benefit from his own restaurant, so Enrique, Miguel and families left California for an adventure in Las Vegas. Working side by side, they opened Tinoco Bistro in Las Vegas in 1998. For 17 years their business grew, relocating three times for larger spaces to accommodate their growing clientele.

Over the years they found the Las Vegas market was consistently too busy. The brothers yearned to relocate to a calmer atmosphere, where they could work and live and take an occasional day off. In February 2016 they found that place in Hurricane. Main Street Café was the perfect place and again both families relocated to open up their new shop.

Main Street Café is jointly owned by the Tinoco brothers, who also share the cooking responsibilities. Their specialty dishes are pasta and seafood, but their customer favorites are their outside-cooked barbeque grilled burgers.
The Tinoco’s are happy in Hurricane and appreciate the way people of the community have embraced and supported them. Their staff and regular customers (both locals and returning tourists) have become “like family” to them. The Tinoco’s are grateful this venture has turned out so well and are honored to be the Small Business of the Year for 2017.

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