Jody Rich Honored as Hurricane Valley Hero

Jody Rich has an enduring moto: “Life is not about you. It’s what you do for others.”

Jody loves people and is happiest when serving them in some capacity.

Jody has been a positive influence at Hurricane High School for over 25 years – first as a counselor, then assistant principal, and then 6 years as the popular, atypical, much loved principal, leaving the position to serve the people of Tonga.

The COVID-19 outbreak cut his missionary experience to Tonga short. Sadly, he was forced to return home before he felt his service there was complete.

When the doors opened at Hurricane High School for the 2020 fall school year, Jody rejoined the staff as a counselor, advising and loving the students, pouring himself into the job.

In his years as principal and assistant principal at the high school, Jody attended many school events around the region and state, traveling far from home, happily sacrificing his time. He supported as many students as he possibly could, scheduling time to attend both large and small events. Orchestra events and competitions, water polo games, drill team competitions, track meets, Senior Sneak trips, and scholarship recognitions – all these and more, plus major public events were all part of his self-imposed responsibility.

Jody is the kind of man who enthusiastically greets his students with hugs and words of encouragement. Many parents credit him with helping their struggling child graduate high school. Students openly wept when he announced his retirement. His return to the school was a celebrated event.

Jody radiates love and compassion and has dedicated his life to helping others see their value, recognize their worth, and learn to love themselves.

Jody Rich is forever, a Hurricane Valley Hero.

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