Hurricane’s Domino’s Pizza Honored as a Hurricane Valley Hero

Hurricane’s Domino’s Pizza is committed to serving the community – not just in times of crisis, but year around. Be it providing pizza for community events or supporting area organizations, they are always willing to contribute.

When the COVID-19 pandemic raised it’s ugly head in Southern Utah, Area Supervisor, Randall Snow along with General Manager, Jennifer Pearsun wanted to help.

They understood that those on the front lines of the pandemic were being stretched to their limits working long, tiring hours in dangerous conditions. With the blessing of Franchise Owner, Randy Snow, they decided the best way they could help would be to provide meals to those brave souls who courageously ran towards the danger, instead of away.

Although faced with restrictive obstacles of their own, they rushed to donate hundreds of pizza’s and bread sticks to the entire staff at Dixie Regional Hospital, Hurricane City Police Department and other law enforcement agencies, fire departments and ambulance crews, as well as local grocery store employees. They vowed to continue making donations as long as there was a need. Understanding that the COVID-19 outbreak could also impact their own staff, without fanfare, they gave each employee $100, in addition to their regular paycheck.

For years, the good people at Hurricane’s Domino’s Pizza have never overlooked an opportunity to contribute in some way. Because of their unwavering commitment and willingness to serve, the business and it’s officers have earned the right to be honored as Hurricane Valley Heroes.

HV Chamber
Author: HV Chamber

The Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce is the largest business group serving the Hurricane Valley.

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