Hurricane Mayor John Bramall Honored at Hurricane Valley Chamber Luncheon

There are busy people and then there are non-stop, beyond busy people.  Mayor John Bramall, a beyond busy person, recently received the HVCC Random Recognition Award – an award reserved for the most dedicated members of the community.

Born in Payson, Utah, and raised in Provo, John excelled in sports and other interests.  He graduated from Brigham Young University, Cum Laude, in Therapeutic Recreation with an emphasis in Long-Term Care Administration and a minor in Gerontology.

Besides working as a rehabilitation and long-term care administrator, John has worked as a car mechanic, construction worker, and firefighter.  An owner of rehabilitation and long-term care facilities in Utah, he also owns a cattle business, hay farm, and local movie theater.  Oh, and did we mention he is currently serving his second term as mayor of Hurricane City?

John Bramall is no stranger to community service.  Prior to serving as mayor, he served on the Hurricane City Planning Commission and the Hurricane City Council.

When elected mayor, he set many goals – one being to bring a much-need hospital to Hurricane.  After years of strategizing and negotiating with hospital officials, he and Intermountain St. George Regional Hospital administration will break ground on June 16th for the new Intermountain Hurricane campus Emergency Room Facility – a starting point for a full-service hospital.

Some of Mayor Bramall’s accomplishments include improvements to Hurricane City infrastructure along with his work with state officials on the newly completed SR 7 Southern Parkway as well as SR 9 improvements.  Through his efforts and under his tenure as mayor, Hurricane City went from 3 to 16 city parks, including Grandpa’s Pond, Dixie Springs Park, and the Hurricane Dog Park, to name a few.  He helped negotiate the development of the Hurricane Industrial Park, including the expansion of Orgill, Litehouse Foods, and more.  He worked with UDOT to install new stop lights on SR 9 and is currently working with developers to insure well thought out, responsible growth.  He never complains about his time spent in meetings, at speaking engagements or community events.  He is a man of the people – a committed, dedicated, public servant.

Mayor Bramall and his wife have 6 children and 15 grandchildren.  Besides being a devoted husband, father, and grandpa, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking.

The Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce thanks Mayor Bramall for his selfless service on behalf of the citizens and businesses of Hurricane and acknowledges his many accomplishments and sacrifices, all done for the good of the community.

HV Chamber
Author: HV Chamber

The Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce is the largest business group serving the Hurricane Valley.

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