Hurricane City Police Department Honored as Hurricane Valley Heroes

No one should dispute the fact that anyone serving in law enforcement is a hero. The job has become especially dangerous at this time of social and racial unrest. Police departments, nationwide, have come under extreme scrutiny, harsh judgement, and attack.

At a recent luncheon, Hurricane City Police Chief Lynn Excell told a group of Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce members and guests, “There is nothing a good cop hates more than a bad cop.” Thankfully, the Hurricane City Police Department is staffed with good cops – incredibly good cops – dedicated to serving a diverse and growing community without prejudice.

Covering 51.2 square miles, Hurricane is listed as the 3rd largest area city in Utah; dwarfed only by Salt Lake City and St. George. Hurricane’s population is over 18,000 people, swelling by an estimated 2,000 during the winter months. Chief Excell leads a group of 30 officers, 3 animal control officers, and 4 civilian staff, (a relatively small department to cover such a large area and population) all charged with keeping Hurricane residents safe and their property protected.

Few people are willing to put their lives on the line, every day, to protect people they may not even know, or to be chastised and ridiculed for upholding the law. Yet, the officers of the Hurricane City Police Department do just that. Such acts of tolerance, restraint, and bravery are difficult to understand or comprehend. That is why we honor the Hurricane City Police Department and all area law enforcement personnel as Hurricane Valley Heroes.

HV Chamber
Author: HV Chamber

The Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce is the largest business group serving the Hurricane Valley.

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