DeWynn Nelson Honored as Hurricane Valley 2017 Community Service Award Recipient

DeWynn Nelson
DeWynn was born while his family was living in a small town in Idaho, Georgetown. When he was 5 his Dad purchased a farm outside the metropolis of Grace Idaho, population a little over 1,000, now just over 900. He grew up on the farm and learned to work at an early age. He attended all 12 years of school there in Grace. In 1977, he married his high school sweetheart, Kathy Jewett and the next year they purchased part of the farm from his Dad. They remained on the farm until 1988 when they moved to Brea California, talk about a culture shock!! DeWynn eventually started working for a uniform rental company and moved to Hesperia, where the family stayed for about five years. The company he was working for at the time decided to start operating in the Las Vegas area. DeWynn accepted the offer to move to Las Vegas (another culture shock!!) and help the business get started there. This is where they spent over 25 years, and went through a couple of acquisitions, as the companies he was working for were acquired by other companies. A little over 3 years ago DeWynn started working at Servpro of St George doing sales and marketing and was promoted to Sales and Marketing Manager in the fall of 2016. On his birthday in 2016 they signed the paperwork to purchase a house in La Verkin and plan on never leaving there! DeWynn and Kathy have 4 sons and 12 adorable grandchildren.

HV Chamber
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