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Brad and Diane Holt Honored as Hurricane Valley Heroes

“Tan” was an amazing influence in the lives of many. He was a great son, brother, uncle, friend, and role model. When Tanner passed away in a tragic accident, his parent, Brad and Diane Holt, founders of Tan’s Treats, were devastated and determined to live a life like their son had lived.

When Tanner was in elementary school his Mom noticed that he was coming home from school starving. When she approached him about it, she learned that he had been giving his lunch to a boy in his class that did not have lunch. For the rest of the school year, Tanner took two lunches to school, one for himself and one for his friend. What better way to continue Tanner’s legacy than to make sure that all children have the food that they need every day. The goal was to provide food on weekends and holiday breaks, when school lunch programs did not provide meals. The Holt’s started “Tan’s Treats” so they could keep on giving the way that Tanner would have.

Tan’s Treats is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of children in the community. They have one main purpose, and that is to provide weekend meals for children in need.

Every year Tan’s Treats delivers over 260,000 meals to children facing food insecurity at 13 schools throughout Washington County. Due to their selfless service and dedication to their cause, the Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce proudly honors Tan’s Treats founders Brad and Diane Holt as Hurricane Valley Heroes.

Organize a food drive, donate food, or make a monetary donation. For more information visit: http://tanstreats.com/

Coral Cliffs Cinema 8 in Hurricane, Utah Honored as Business of the Month

Coral Cliffs Cinema 8 in Hurricane, Utah, was voted by Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce members to be honored as the October 2020 Business of the Month.

Coral Cliffs Cinema 8 opened doors to serve the Hurricane Valley on December 4, 2020. Locally owned and operated, the theater is completely independent. Coral Cliffs offers movies appropriate for all age groups, at reasonable rates.

Move theaters nationwide were hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Many theaters have permanently closed their doors. Coral Cliffs Cinema 8 owner and administrative team worked together to develop innovative ways to keep the business open and viable. The decision was made to offer curb side concession sales to a hungry public craving movie theater popcorn and treats. As restrictions were gradually lifted the theater took great care to sanitize everything from the concession area to seating following each showing and to close every other theater aisle to ensure social distancing guideline were met. Delightful, old movies were shown at discounted rates, making it possible for couples and families to escape the confines of their home in search of relief from the dreaded “Cabin Fever”.

Coral Cliffs Cinema 8 movie patrons enjoy the best in comfort and sensory experiences. The projection and sound systems are designed and fitted to their projection booth featuring Barco Digital 2 K projectors and Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound along with Dolby Digital 3-D featured on two of the 8 screens. Also featured is the SLS sound system in theater #1.

Stand out features also include combination Box Office and Concession Cashier stations that eliminate the need for patrons to stand in several lines. The theater is always kept immaculately clean and presentable. Through the years, the theater has been the first employment experience for hundreds of teens and continues to offer locals great jobs and opportunities.

Coral Cliffs Cinema is located at 835 West State Street in Hurricane, Utah. To check movie listings and show times please visit: https://coralcliffscinema8.com/