KPI Concepts West Honored as May Business of the Month

Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce members voted to honor KPI Concepts West as the May 2020 Business of the Month. KPI Concepts manufactures belted and non-belted check stands, product displays, commercial cabinetry and custom builds as well.

KPI Concepts, Inc. was founded in 1984 by Craig Upton out of the garage of his Iowa home. He recalls sitting at his work bench, staring out the garage door, day dreaming about where the venture could go. Out of his garage, he built commercial cabinetry for malls, offices, banks, and other local businesses. Just two short years later, in 1986, he built a new 4,200 square foot workshop and hired his first employees.

From 1986 to 2006, he increased the size of the original building from 4,200 sq. feet to 42,000 sq. feet. Then in 2007, he purchased a second building that was 65,000 sq. feet. Four years later, he added a 35,000 sq. foot expansion.

In 2013, Upton purchased an 80,000 sq. foot facility in Hurricane, Utah. The Utah location enabled KPI Concepts to serve the Western United States and also provide strategic shipping advantages for National Retailers. Upton believes the work force in Utah to be very technically oriented, providing a way in which manufacturing and KPI can grow moving forward.

At a recent Hurricane city council meeting, KPI Concepts representative DeEtte Delaney proposed working with the city to provide desks for homeschooled children, inconvenienced by the COVID-19 pandemic. KPI proposed donating construction costs and help with distribution but needed assistance with funding for materials. Hurricane City Mayor John Bramall and Police Chief Lynn Excell proposed using Hurricane city discretionary funds to purchase supplies for the project. The city council voted unanimously in favor of providing financial assistance. KPI Concepts will start out with 300 desks and reassess the Washington County need following the initial distribution.

The Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce is appreciative of the employment opportunities and contributions KPI Concepts makes to Hurricane Valley and will honor them at an upcoming HVCC luncheon meeting to be held at a later date.

Intermountain Hurricane Valley Clinic Honored as April’s Business of the Month

Members of the Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce nominated and voted to honor the Intermountain Hurricane Valley Clinic as the April 2020 Business of the Month.

The Hurricane Valley Clinic offers Family Medicine, InstaCare, Physical Therapy, Imaging, Digital Mammography, and Lab Services to Hurricane residents and neighboring communities. The clinic uses a team-based, personalized approach in delivering quality healthcare; coordinated by highly skilled, caring providers from the Intermountain Medical Group.

The recent COVID-19 Pandemic has presented extremely difficult challenges – especially for those working in the medical field. The dedicated team at the Hurricane Valley Clinic is doing everything possible to keep the community, their patients, and each other safe to minimize the effects of the outbreak – risking their own health to serve Hurricane Valley residents. It is appropriate and timely that the entire staff at Intermountain Hurricane Valley Clinic be recognized. Members of the Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce and Board of Directors express their gratitude and appreciation to them for their unwavering service and courageous efforts.

The Intermountain Hurricane Valley Clinic is a strong supporter of local activities, events and organizations, as well as the Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce. They will be honored at the next HVCC luncheon meeting, hopefully to be held in May 2020.