Diamond Ranch Academy Honored as Hurricane Valley 2017 Business of the Year

Diamond Ranch Academy, incorporated in 1999 and owned by Rob Dias, is a premier licensed Residential Treatment Center/Therapeutic Boarding School for youth ages 12 to 18. Six treatment programs are located on the 55-acre campus which provides specific, customized care for individualized student programs while still offering choice facilities to the entire campus.

The Academy’s manta is “Healing Families One Youth at a Time” and is dedicated to creating life-long positive change in the lives of students and their families. The accredited academic program is designed to equip youth with self-worth and an understanding of how to navigate the struggles faced in today’s society, where all students work with licensed Doctoral or Masters level therapists, creative in developing individual treatment plans. Diamond Ranch offers individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Family Therapy, Equine Therapy, AA/NA groups and parenting seminars to equip parents with improved parenting skills.

Diamond Ranch Academy was honored as the Hurricane Valley 2017 Business of the Year at the HVCC Installation and Awards Banquet held Jan. 17, 2018 at the beautiful Sand Hollow Resort.

Jody Rich, Hurricane High School Principal, Honored as Hurricane Valley 2017 Educator of the Year

Jody Rich has a life motto: “It’s not about you”. A humble man, Jody shys away from attention and prefers to serve silently, without fanfare. Jody loves people and loves to serve them any way he can. Loved and admired by staff, students and parents alike, Jody believes every student has the potential to be successful. Many struggling students were able to graduate High School due to the positive influence and encouragement Jody Rich provided.

Jody was honored as the Hurricane Valley 2017 Educator of the Year at the HVCC Installation and Awards banquet held on Jan. 17, 2018 at the beautiful Sand Hollow Resort.

Rich & Brittany Klein Honored as Hurricane Valley 2017 Business Persons of the Year

Rich & Brittany Klein started Trail Hero in Hurricane, Utah in 2015. Trail Hero is a 4 day ride for stock 4X4 vehicles all the way up to full tube buggies built to raise awareness about motorized access for Veterans and people with special needs. Together with the support of the local and 4 wheel drive communities, Trail Hero’s starting years has hosted drivers from 45 states, 12 countries, and over 2600 vehicles. Trail Hero has an estimated impact of $3.5 million over that span and can be found in over 200 different media outlets including the Trail Hero Documentary currently playing on Amazon, along with TV shows featured on networks like ABC, ESPN, CBS, Discovery Channel, and History Channel.

In 1998, Rich began in Off-Road where he helped establish 3 Peaks Park in Cedar City, while a Cedar High School student and member of a local 4 wheeler club. Rich moved back in 2001 to his hometown of Placerville, CA where he started a family business hosting rock crawling events. The local annual event grew into an international sanctioning body hosting over 80 Rock Crawling sporting events annually in 13 countries. Rich became acting CEO of W.E. ROCK (world Extreme Rock Crawling Championship Series). In 2011 Rich sold W.E. ROCK to his father and moved to Alaska where he married Brittany. In 2015 Rich, Brittany, and their two children Austin and Payten moved to LaVerkin, Utah to enjoy the great family atmosphere, outdoor lifestyle, and amazing people of Southern Utah. In year three of Trail Hero, Rich Klein has brought some of the largest names and media in motor-sports to Hurricane. Their effort helps aid keeping Sand Mountain OHV available to the off-road community, free of development and open for those that need motorized access to experience the land.

Rich & Brittany were honored at the annual Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce Installation and Awards Banquet held Jan. 17, 2018 at the beautiful Sand Hollow Resort.

Dixie State University Education Center 2017 Student of the Year – Karson DeMille

Karson R. DeMille was honored as the 2017 DSU Education Center Student of the Year at the Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce Installation and Awards Banquet held Jan. 17, 2018 at the beautiful Sand Hollow Resort.

Karson, a Hurricane, Utah resident is a sophomore attending Dixie State University. He is majoring in Computer Information Technology planning an emphasis in Software Development.

Karson is a single father of two boys, Treason Karson DeMille and Ryker Zaine DeMille. Between working full-time, going to school, being a single father, and volunteering at his sons’ elementary school, Karson enjoys all outdoor activities with his boys.

Much of Karson’s success and ability to remain in school, he contributes to Dixie State University Hurricane Education Center. Karson would like to give a special thanks to Chris Gifford, Michele Poast, Sarah Strickley, and Abbie Buell for their efforts, and willingness to assist in his success at Dixie State University.

Karson says, “I couldn’t be where I am today, scholastically, without the professors, advisor’s, and secretaries at the Hurricane Education Center”.

2017 Hurricane High School Student of the Year – Alma Burgos-Munoz

Alma Burgos-Munoz was born in the city of Puebla, Mexico and lived her first fourteen years there. She immigrated to the United States in 2013, starting her U.S. schooling that year in 9th grade. Even though the language differences have been a barrier, she has kept a 4.0 GPA since 9th grade.

Alma has been involved in several extracurricular activities and school clubs such as Leadership Academy, National Honors Society, Upward Bound, lacrosse, and tennis. In Upward Bound, she has been taking AP classes and concurrent enrollment classes since sophomore year (even in the summers). She loves learning languages, traveling and science.

Alma plans on attending DSU next fall and then transferring to Utah State University, where she plans on majoring in Human Nutrition and Pre-Med. Her future career goal is to become a physician!

DeWynn Nelson Honored as Hurricane Valley 2017 Community Service Award Recipient

DeWynn Nelson
DeWynn was born while his family was living in a small town in Idaho, Georgetown. When he was 5 his Dad purchased a farm outside the metropolis of Grace Idaho, population a little over 1,000, now just over 900. He grew up on the farm and learned to work at an early age. He attended all 12 years of school there in Grace. In 1977, he married his high school sweetheart, Kathy Jewett and the next year they purchased part of the farm from his Dad. They remained on the farm until 1988 when they moved to Brea California, talk about a culture shock!! DeWynn eventually started working for a uniform rental company and moved to Hesperia, where the family stayed for about five years. The company he was working for at the time decided to start operating in the Las Vegas area. DeWynn accepted the offer to move to Las Vegas (another culture shock!!) and help the business get started there. This is where they spent over 25 years, and went through a couple of acquisitions, as the companies he was working for were acquired by other companies. A little over 3 years ago DeWynn started working at Servpro of St George doing sales and marketing and was promoted to Sales and Marketing Manager in the fall of 2016. On his birthday in 2016 they signed the paperwork to purchase a house in La Verkin and plan on never leaving there! DeWynn and Kathy have 4 sons and 12 adorable grandchildren.

Main Street Cafe Honored as Hurricane Valley 2017 Small Business of the Year

Main Street Cafe
Small Business of the Year Award
Sponsored by Davis Farmers Market

When brothers Enrique and Miguel Tinoco were 15 and 17 years old respectively, their plan was to move to California, work two years, save money, and then return to their beloved Mexico. Once back in Mexico they could then get the good education they desired and follow their dreams. In their two working years, the brothers advanced from dishwashers and bus boys up to cooks in great restaurants. They believed their opportunities in the United States were far greater, so they stayed in California restaurants.

Enrique had advanced to managing an Italian restaurant in Long Beach by the time he was 20. The restaurant owner saw the talent in Enrique and sent him to visit and learn from other chefs in notable Italian restaurants. Eleven years cooking and learning from the best Italian chefs in California built Enrique’s confidence. His experience earned him a job offer he almost took as a chef at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. However, a Nevada friend convinced Enrique that a chef with his talent should open and benefit from his own restaurant, so Enrique, Miguel and families left California for an adventure in Las Vegas. Working side by side, they opened Tinoco Bistro in Las Vegas in 1998. For 17 years their business grew, relocating three times for larger spaces to accommodate their growing clientele.

Over the years they found the Las Vegas market was consistently too busy. The brothers yearned to relocate to a calmer atmosphere, where they could work and live and take an occasional day off. In February 2016 they found that place in Hurricane. Main Street Café was the perfect place and again both families relocated to open up their new shop.

Main Street Café is jointly owned by the Tinoco brothers, who also share the cooking responsibilities. Their specialty dishes are pasta and seafood, but their customer favorites are their outside-cooked barbeque grilled burgers.
The Tinoco’s are happy in Hurricane and appreciate the way people of the community have embraced and supported them. Their staff and regular customers (both locals and returning tourists) have become “like family” to them. The Tinoco’s are grateful this venture has turned out so well and are honored to be the Small Business of the Year for 2017.

Stout Home Furnishings Honored as HVCC February 2018 Member of the Month

The Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce Stout Home Furnishings as the February 2018 Business Member of the Month.

Selected for their contribution of time, energy and resources to the Hurricane Valley community, Stout Home Furnishings additionally enjoys a stellar reputation as a business who deals honestly and fairly with their customers and stands behind their product. The good people and staff at Stout Home Furnishings provides a comfortable shopping experience with friendly, courteous, customer service. The Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce also recognizes Stout Home Furnishings for their continued support and monetary contributions to many community organizations, events and charities. Locally owned and operated, the business has been a positive economic contributor for over 50 years.

In 1963, brothers Dell and Boyd Stout bought the established home center, Petty Mercantile, from Charles Graff and later changed the name to Stout’s. For four generations, the vision has been to give the community a trusted family-operated furniture store that they can count on to make their house a home.

In 1975 the Stout’s trucks got bigger and better, and the brothers made sure they were always able to get the best furniture into the hands of their customers at all costs!

After many years of experience in the furniture and appliance business, Steve Stout, Boyd’s son, took over management of the operation. He kept it successful through maintaining his father’s principles and bringing new ideas to the store. When Steve became very ill, his son Jed took over managing the business. Steve’s health returned, and he remains active in the business as the President and CEO, while Jed continues to manage the day-to-day operations.
The Stout family has proudly furnished thousands of Hurricane, St. George, and surrounding area homes and they continue to believe in building great relations with their customers.

The Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce congratulations Stout Home Furnishings on their many years of success and will honor them at the HVCC luncheon meeting, held at the Hurricane Community Center, 63 S. 100 W., on Thursday, Feb. 15th, 2018