2017 Hurricane High School Student of the Year – Alma Burgos-Munoz

Alma Burgos-Munoz was born in the city of Puebla, Mexico and lived her first fourteen years there. She immigrated to the United States in 2013, starting her U.S. schooling that year in 9th grade. Even though the language differences have been a barrier, she has kept a 4.0 GPA since 9th grade.

Alma has been involved in several extracurricular activities and school clubs such as Leadership Academy, National Honors Society, Upward Bound, lacrosse, and tennis. In Upward Bound, she has been taking AP classes and concurrent enrollment classes since sophomore year (even in the summers). She loves learning languages, traveling and science.

Alma plans on attending DSU next fall and then transferring to Utah State University, where she plans on majoring in Human Nutrition and Pre-Med. Her future career goal is to become a physician!

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